Did You Know??
Which state ranks 3rd in Moody’s Housing Affordability Index? Which state started over 125k new businesses in the first 7 months of 2021? Which state is the 7th largest domestic economy?
Oooooooohhh yeah, it’s Ohio!
Yep, the Ohio that’s within a 2 hour flight of 75% of the US and Canada. The same Ohio that employs over 125k engineers, scientists, and technicians.
Ooooooohhh heck yeah, that Ohio.
The biggest names in tech know all of this. Ohio’s home to offices for Meta, Google, IBM, and Carvana—who have been known to yell out, “Ooooohhh yeah, Ohio!” from their swanky offices from time to time.
But Ohio’s not just for the big players, it’s an attractive locale for tech entrepreneurs in AI, cybersecurity, and social media startups of all sizes and shapes.
Ohhhhhh yeah, did we mention that office space in Ohio comes at 25% the cost of the big coastal cities?


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