Dear Summer,

As we approach the autumnal equinox, we’d like to look back on your 2016.

First, we want to thank you for all your hard work this year. You set some records:

  • Tied 1947 for the hottest August on record (average 77.8 degrees)
  • August was the hottest month for the first time since 1947.

We have to say, we feel a little sorry for 1947, being that they had almost no air conditioning back them. But they were only two years removed from a pretty big win in WWII, and were busy with the whole Jackie Robinson thing.

When it comes to humidity, you averaged 62 degrees dew point. While you neither know nor care about what that means, let us just say, it was sticky. So thank you for the ability to take a shirt straight from the pile of rumpled clothing next to the bed, put it on, go outside and have it de-wrinkled for free.

Talking about moisture, thank you for the drought. We were able to control the exact amount of water for our tomatoes, rather than rely on the heavens to dump whatever rain they felt like dumping. It’s one good way to avoid splitting and watery tasting fruits.

Changing topics, thank you for the sports successes that were nurtured in your bosom: The Cavs filled our hearts to bursting with joy in June, and the Indians announced themselves as the real deal in July. It’s halfway through September and they still haven’t faded (but the pitching has suddenly become worrisome).

But now we want to give you permission to rest. It’s very close to the official end of Summer and we want to let you know that Autumn’s got this now. You may turn down the ovens and let the new season toss us a cool breeze or two. Let’s see if Autumn can be as good at its job as you were at yours.

We look forward to next year, when you kick Spring to the curb and get us all into our shorts and flip flops, as we celebrate back to back NBA championships by heading to Progressive Field to watch the defending World Champion Cleveland Indians.

Have a good three season vacation, rest up and get ready for 2017. We will miss you.

Signed, your faithful summer lovers.

P.S. A little less rain for the Fourth of July next year, if you please.