One of the very best things about the holidays is cookies. This is where everyone gets to show off their baking skills and family recipes, and we all have an excuse to eat stuff we know we should avoid the rest of the year.

Right about now, flour, sugar, nuts, chocolate and all the other essential cookie ingredients are flying off store shelves, cookie exchange organizers are distributing their sign up sheets, and would-be cookie makers are trying to figure out when they’re going to squeeze in a little baking time.

Amid all of that, sometimes the cookies turn out, shall we say, imperfectly? So here to help us Bake Holiday Cookies Without Going Crazy is an article by Aubrey Nagle of the Philly Voice.

This blog post is free to read, of course, except for the tiny fee of one freshly baked cookie. You can bring it to us at the office.


(Photo from the King Arthur Four Company website.)