If we were to make a pie chart (and isn’t this a great time of year to make pie charts?) of the fun of decorations, it would look something like this.

(For the record, this pie is 11% mincemeat, 88% pumpkin, and 1% apple, just like Great Grandma used to make.) (And the 1% who enjoy taking them down should consider turning that into a business.)

And while we love to have tons of decorations, storing those decorations is often a challenge. Storage space is often a precious commodity in our homes. While many of us have lots of space in our basement or attic or extra room, others of us live in older, closet-challenged homes, or condos, or we’ve finished our basements to accommodate a growing family, trading storage for living space.

So what do we do with our holiday decorations? We found some great ideas in Family Handyman’s 11 Christmas Storage Tricks You Should Know.  There is a suggestion for those hard-to-store, highly breakable ornaments that involves plastic cups and a storage container. And there are a few suggestions for storing your lights that will help you avoid the wrestling match you have every year when you have to untangle them.

So why not try a few of these and see if the drudgery of un-decorating is a lessened? And if you have any great ideas, email us and we’ll compile a list for next year.

Enjoy your season.