And blueberries, and strawberries, and whatever else kind of berry you care to. Yes indeed, it’s berry season, and that means lots of sweet, juicy, chin dribbling, nutrient packing goodness. Farmer’s markets are wall to wall with the freshest pickings, and even grocery stores have the good stuff. Which means that sometimes we come home with a few quarts more than we can eat in a reasonable time, and one day we look in the fridge and there’s white fuzz all over those gorgeous berries. Bummer.

It just grinds us when we have to toss produce that didn’t keep. It means that not only do we not have fruit to eat at the very moment we really wanted it, but we’ve just wasted money.

Here is a tip for keeping them fresher, longer. It involves vinegar, paper towels and a salad spinner, which are some of the same things one would need in a junior high school science fair project. Not only will this tip help you finish your fruit before it spoils, but it will also save you some cash.

And for you crossword enthusiasts, acai is a popular answer these days, with the clue being something like, “berry high in antioxidants,” or “super berry.” We aim to educate and entertain. You’re welcome.