When we think of family holidays we don’t think of Halloween the same way we think of Thanksgiving or Christmas.  The latter are traditional holidays where loved ones cross towns and time zones to spend a few precious days squabbling over the best way to make stuffing or who has to sit next to the socially awkward uncle from Peoria, while the former is a day where noisy little goblins and princesses scream at you until you give them factory wrapped sweets.

But think about it. Halloween is a time where parents spend weeks planning and assembling costumes, carving pumpkins, putting gravestones in the yard, and selecting the cheapest candy that won’t make them look chintzy. It’s a family event and we all wax nostalgic when our kids are no longer participating. Try looking at an old photo of one of the kids dressed in that shark costume you once made without going, “Awww.”

We are reminded of how precious these times are by a piece in the Huffington Post about a woman whose 15-year-old boy gave her maybe one last Halloween memory.

We hope you have a safe and memory-filled Halloween. And remember, just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean those zombies aren’t out to get you.