This is the time of year when most of us get some new clothes for the holidays. Either you buy something for that party your boss is throwing, or someone gives you a sweater and a couple of pairs of socks as a gift. Either way, this is a great time to make room for the new stuff by culling a few items we don’t wear anymore because they’re out of fashion, or worn out, or, ahem, no longer the right size.


We even have one in our lobby

Planet Aid is the perfect solution. Maybe you’ve seen their bins.

The very best thing about Planet Aid is that they’ll also take unwearable clothes. So you can wear that Backstreet Boys Forever t-shirt until your kids don’t want to be seen with you, then use it to dust the banister until it’s too holey, THEN you can drop it in the big yellow box for recycling. It helps the environment in lots of ways, by saving water, reducing greenhouse gasses, and reducing landfill needs. 

And for your convenience, you don’t even have to sort wearable from unwearable.

We would love to have our box filled and emptied weekly. So if you have a bunch of stuff, bring it by.