A lot of people like to ask us this question: “Do you like your job?”

Here is our answer.

There are two things we cherish. The first is helping others. One of our core beliefs is to ‘Come from contribution,’ meaning that if we contribute to others, if we work to make the world better, then our business will become better. It all fits together. This is how we live; this is how we conduct our business.

We were lucky enough to find a company who believes this too. It’s no accident that Keller Williams is growing in a tough industry; it’s not chance that they are named the top workplace year in and year out.

The other thing we cherish is our family time. On Christmas eve we will be home most of the day, cooking, wrapping gifts, putting finishing touches on decorating, and welcoming home loved ones. We will also be working a little bit, taking phone calls, answering emails, helping a client through a bumpy patch. And the thing we love most is that this career lets us do both things at once. Sure, we have crazy busy days when we don’t see our home during daylight hours. But we also have the ability to shape our two worlds, business and personal, and fit them together so that we can enjoy them both. We love that.

So, no we don’t like our job, we LOVE it. We love Keller Williams and we love the way this career gives us the chance to build a business worth having, and a life worth living.

And we wish the same for you.

Have a Merry Christmas. You  know we will.