This was the view yesterday from our parking lot here at Keller Williams Greater Cleveland Southeast. There are many reasons to come to the office on a beautiful autumn day, but this is one of the best.

According to the Ohio Fall Color Report, we are at Near Peak color. The rain is going to put a damper on it, but if the sun comes out, this weekend will be the best time to go out on a visual safari. There are great places all around to see the best in fiery hues. Everyone in Cleveland lives within easy distance of a Metropark. Driving up the 306 corridor through Geauga County is a splendid treat this time of year. And Akronites can head over to the National Forest to OD on luscious fall colors.

The old saw goes, “Take time to smell the roses.” But Fall is in many ways better. The trees are giving us a glorious send off to winter. Take them up on it. Roll down the windows, turn off your phone, crank up the tunes, and drive, just drive, and let it wash over you. It’s really something.