We’re never ones to participate in schadenfreude, because we all have our troubles, but how beautiful is it to see all that snow we don’t have to shovel? It sure looks better on TV than it does on our driveways.

It’s been a quiet year for the snow machine in most of our service area. Yes, the folks in the heart of the snow belt have been nailed a couple of times, but even they would admit it’s been an easy winter.

But it comes at a cost. Besides all the snowmen and snow angels that were never made, and the snowball fights that were never started, think of the snow plow drivers, the ones who need the winter income to bridge the gap from Fall to Spring, when they can get back to their regular jobs as landscapers and contractors and such. It’s hard enough to budget for this type of work anyway, and when the weather doesn’t cooperate it makes for a long winter.

So hats off to our friends who push the snow. And if you employ a reliable snow removal service, think about sending them a note of thanks for being at the ready. And maybe a Starbucks card. And pie. They love pie.

If you are without a reliable snow removal service, please ask us. We know people.

And if we all get dumped on next week, feel free to call us and say we jinxed Northeast Ohio. We like hearing your voice.