Keeping our kitchens clean is one of our big daily chores, but until someone invents the Kit-Co Automatic Kitchen Cleaner and Waffle Iron, we’re on our own. And although technology and chemical companies have given us every convenience to help, sometimes we could use a fresh idea or time saver. The excellent food blog, Food 52, has 7 kitchen cleaning tips to help, such as how to cut the oily, dusty grime off of kitchen hoods, or a clever way to trap fruit flies.

But of more importance to people who are selling their homes is smell.  Did you cook bacon recently? Or sauté some garlic? Those smells can linger and if a buyer wrinkles their nose in the foyer, it makes the rest of the house a tougher sell.

It turns out you can simply simmer white vinegar on the stove top and smells will magically disappear.  This is just another reason to keep a good supply of vinegar in your pantry. It’s a wonder substance.

Included in the category of smells are air fresheners that are overly pungent. Nothing says, “I’ve got something to hide” like a 10,000 watt Spring Pine Floral Gala air freshener. As in all things, moderation is the key.

Check out the rest of the cleaning tips and help make your home more livable, and more sellable.