There are few duties more rewarding than being the person who stays home to dole out candy for the Trick or Treaters, because there is very little that tips the cuteness scale like young children in Halloween costumes. Tiny clowns and puppy dogs, miniature witches and tigers, and scaled down skeletons and princesses are as “Awww” inducing as they come.

But let’s not forget the awesome responsibility that the comes with being the parent who ushers the costumed kids from door to door.  Dangers lurk, and it’s good to be aware of them. Kids criss-cross roads and driveways willy nilly, wearing clothing that’s dark, because spooky clothing should always be dark, and often wearing masks that impair visibility. Adults need to be on full alert at all times. And while the main responsibility is to your own children, it’s always good to keep an eye out for others, not to be buttinskis, but if all grown ups are looking out for all kids, the world will be a little safer.

We’ve dug up a few resources for Halloween safety. Let’s all enjoy the family time that Halloween affords while at the same time let’s make sure it’s as safe as possible.

From the National Safety Council, who, among other things, wants you to make sure that all costumes are fire resistant.

From, who wants kids to not have their heads buried in electronic devices while trick or treating.

And from the Halloween Safety Guide, which is chock full of tips, including Halloween pet safety.

Here’s hoping that the weather is great and that you have a happy and safe Halloween.